BSH wood

BSH wood – what does it mean?

One of the main materials we use in our work, building houses for clients, is BSH wood. What does it mean? It is laminated construction wood used wherever high-class strength parameters are required. This type of building material is also characterized by impeccable aesthetics, dimensional stability and safety resulting from fire resistance. When a fire occurs in a building made of BSH wood, the flames will char the outer layer of the material, protecting the interior and therefore the entire structure. A huge advantage of BSH laminated timber is also its lack of sensitivity to changing weather conditions, thanks to which the material remains intact despite the passage of time.

BSH construction timber – how is it made?

BSH structural timber consists of individual lamellas connected lengthwise and then glued together one on top of the other. The wood is kiln dried, which means that it is devoid of constitutional, hygroscopic and free water. Only proven adhesives meeting the EN 301 standard are used to connect the slats. The adhesive layer must be very thin, not exceeding 1% in the finished product.

The material prepared in this way can achieve very large cross-sections and lengths of up to 50 m. BSH wood also has two finishing quality classes, NSI and Si, which meet the specific requirements of the customer. The NSI class allows for various types of natural wood defects, ensuring only that the load-bearing requirements are met. Class Si, on the other hand, focuses on both load-bearing and visual aspects, which are important, for example, when the customer wants to place wood in visible places such as ceiling beams or a veranda.

BSH glued timber – ecological construction

Houses made of BSH laminated timber are fully ecological structures that will last a long time. Their environmentally friendly nature is proven not only by the material itself, which is Scandinavian spruce, but also by the use of organic melamine resins for gluing the lamellas. BSH beams usually do not require chemical intervention, and the waste generated during their production can be used, for example, to produce chipboards.

If you are interested in our offer of BSH wooden houses, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best solution. Both Polish and foreign clients have trusted us, which only confirms the quality of the services we provide. We have placed sample BSHaus projects in the dedicated page.

Advantages of the technology

Short construction time

Short construction time

The construction of a house to a developer's standard takes 12 weeks. Unlike traditional (brick) technology, there are no technological breaks needed for concrete curing and moisture evaporation from the surface. Therefore, we can also carry out our work in winter.

Excellent insulation

Excellent insulation

The construction of solid wood, coupled with an appropriate layer of thermal insulation (typically 15 cm of mineral wool) and triple-glazed windows, which we use as standard, protect against summer heat from the outside while ensuring quick heating and slow cooling of the building from the inside. The precision in joining elements naturally eliminates thermal bridges and helps reduce the consumption of thermal energy needed to heat the building. Our technology also boasts a good acoustic insulation coefficient.

Healthy climate

Healthy climate

Natural wood has a positive impact on indoor air quality – it is a material that actively regulates interior humidity (diffusively open walls). Wood also acts as a natural air filter from the outside, cleansing it of dust particles, and for many years, it saturates the air with the scent of the forest.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

We use construction materials that have no negative impact on the environment, are easy to reclaim, and recycle. A wooden house fits into the sustainable development program.

Lower cost

Lower cost

The HBE technology offers lower construction costs due to the shortened construction period – we can build your house (to developer's standard) within 12 weeks from laying the foundation. During usage, it reduces heating costs, which typically constitute about 2/3 of the maintenance costs of traditionally built houses. The houses we build are warm, sealed, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly!

One construction team

One construction team

We handle the entire investment process. We can assist you in obtaining a building permit. We can also help with the foundation slab. By entrusting us with the construction of your house to the developer's standard, you can rest assured that the construction will proceed smoothly, and the construction work carried out by us will be of the highest quality.

Term guarantee

Term guarantee

We take full responsibility for every project from start to finish, never leaving a job half-done. To ensure quality and adherence to agreed-upon timelines, we never undertake the construction of more than two houses simultaneously.

HBE technology – homes of the future

HBE Homes are modern constructions that can be solidly and precisely built in as little as 6 days. It’s a technology where all elements are entirely made of laminated wood. Prefabricated walls of houses and other types of buildings, depending on their purpose, are created from panels joined by a double tongue-and-groove with a special channel. It is in this channel that the necessary electrical installations of the facility are placed.

Individual wall elements are secured with a foundation and cleat, and the whole undergoes specialized and precise processing. Thanks to this, immense precision and perfect fitting are the features that distinguish the HBE technology. Houses and their individual elements are fitted with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. Constructions created in this way are ecological, modern, and guarantee excellent heat insulation.

CLT Technology – Wooden Construction for Several Floors

CLT Technology is a system somewhat similar to HBE. It is also a way of building wooden structures, but in this case, CLT houses are made of several layers of wood, which are mounted transversely to each other. This makes CLT buildings incredibly stable and durable. Such a “honeycomb” construction allows for the construction of multi-story buildings while maintaining ecological and thermal insulation properties.

CLT panels can also be successfully used to create floor, wall, and roof structures. In this technology, buildings can have significant dimensions and serve not only as single- or two-family houses but also as other public utility facilities.

BSHaus – HBE and CLT Buildings with a Future

As part of our services, we offer comprehensive construction of various types of houses and buildings using CLT panels and HBE technology. Thanks to vast experience and numerous completed investments, we are a responsible and trustworthy partner with many positive reviews. Feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and establish individual terms of cooperation.


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